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italian gift guide - learn italian

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Instant Immersion Italian
A terrific value, this is a four-CD set that provides solid instruction in Italian for both the true beginner and the intermediate student. Included are four separate programs: Talk Now! Italian, World Talk Italiano, Webster's New World Five Language Talking Dictionary and Voyage in Italy. The first two programs provide instruction in the language, the talking dictionary is self-explanatory and the Voyage program takes users on a virtual tour of Italy's famous sites and personages.

Learn Italian Now!
Participate in real dialogs with native Italian speakers at your own speed. As you interact with the program, you'll hear how words are pronounced, see the spelling, discover word meanings and actually hear yourself speaking. In no time, you'll be confidently conversing in Italian!

Language Maintaince Magazine
Acquerello italiano is not for everybody--not even every student of Italian. But if you've already learned the basics of Italian, are fascinated by Italian culture, and want to take your language skills to a higher level, Acquerello italiano is just the thing for you!

Learn Italian Daily Calendar 2005
The perfect way to bring a little bit of a foreign language into everyday speech. Full of amusing dialogue, they give a lighthearted touch to language study. Each page highlights a common expression along with an English translation and a simple phonetic pronunciation guide. No drills or rote memorization here.

Italian for Dummies
A guide that combines the famous Berlitz approach to language with the famously fun and friendly For Dummies format. Helps people master the basics-from vocabulary and pronunciation to commonly used idioms and phrases. Practical dialogues tackle common situations, from dining to shopping and traveling Mini dictionaries and pronunciation guides offer on-the-spot help. Bonus CD helps readers pronounce words correctly and improve their understanding of the language. Includes helpful tips to improve pronunciation, conjugate verbs and and popular expressions. Softcover. CD-ROM included. (more language books)

calendars | vi gear | edible gifts | cooks toys | language | jewlery | books | videos | music


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