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2005 italian calendars

When you purchase something through our site from our affiliate,, all of the proceeds from our affiliation go towards paying for the server space (remember, we're an all-volunteer crew).

Follow the links or click on the image to purchase an item.

Italy: 2005 Wall Calendar

Venezia Carnavale: 2005 Wall Calendar

Italy: 2005 Deluxe Wall Calendar


365 Days in Italy: 2005 Wall Calendar

Italy: 2005 Deluxe Wall Calendar


Italian Sports Cars: 2005 Wall Calendar

L'Art Culinaire: 2005 Wall Calendar (French)


The Kitchen: 2005 Deluxe Wall Calendar

Tuscany: 2005 Wall Calendar

Tuscany: 2005 Wall Calendar

Tuscan Light: 2005 Wall Calendar

Tuscany - A 365-Day Tour: 2005 Deluxe Wall Calendar

Glorious Garlic: 2005 Wall Calendar


Peppers: 2005 Wall Calendar

Salute: 2005 Wall Calendar (French)

The Wine Companion: 2005 Wall Calendar

Caravaggio: 2005 Wall Calendar

Botticelli: 2005 Wall Calendar

Leonardo Da Vinci: 2005 Wall Calendar

Michelangelo: 2005 Wall Calendar

A Medieval Year: 2005 Wall Calendar

Modigliani: 2005 Wall Calendar

Jack Vettriano: 2005 Wall Calendar

Guido Argentini: 2005 Wall Calendar

calendar towels
When the year is over, they can be used as kitchen towels, stitched into decorative pillows or framed for attractive wall hangings. Contents include: One calendar towel, hanging cord, dowel coupling and hardwood dowels.

Herbs: 2005 Towel

Strawberries: 2005 Towel

Wild Berries: 2005 Towel

Vintage Grapes: 2005 Towel

Rooster: 2005 Towel

poster & super-poster calendars
Over-sized calendars to make a real statement - when the year is up, you can frame the art!
Jack Vettriano
Guido Argentini

boxed desk-top calendars

Leonardo: 2005 Daily Boxed

Italy: 2005 Daily Boxed

Italian: 2005 Daily Boxed

appointment calendars
Weekly calendars to keep on your desk or take with you.

Leonardo: 2005 Weekly Engagement Calendar

Michelangelo & Da Vinci: 2005 Weekly Engagement Calendar

Tuscan Light: 2005 Weekly Engagement Calendar

Tuscan Pleasures: 2005 Weekly Engagement Calendar

Italy: 2005 Weekly Engagement Calendar

Guido Argentini: 2005 Weekly Engagement Calendar

calendars | vi gear | edible gifts | cooks toys | language | jewlery | books | videos | music


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