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music - italian classic rock
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Classics, in the sense that you'll hear songs from these artists eminating from campfires on Italian beaches, sung in chorus in Italian bars and played over-and-over again on Italian Radio. These songs are enjoyed by just about every generation from young to old.

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L'immensita', by Mina
"L'immensita'" could not be performed by any other artist as beatifull as she does. This Cd is essential for those have never listened to here before, to have an idea on Mina, "La Diva Italiana" for more than 30 years now. Infact she rappresents the myth of the Italian song history. Her powerful and unmistakable voice is never waned. Mina paralysed milions of Italian spectators on shows of Sixty. Her exit from scene dates to her last concert in public in the 1978. Many wish she will show herself again to the public, but Mina, nicknamed the "tiger", 60 years old, seems not eager to betray her myth.

Claudio Baglioni, Claudio Baglioni
This is the first album before Baglioni's three decades on the music scene. Here, he already shows the great promise of cherished Italian musician. This album broke free from the early 70's Italian musical tradition because of it's unique arrangement-- a sung story: the author's first love narrated in melody. The theme runs throughout the album,, the songs fading one into the other, as Baglioni describes his first encounter, first kiss and final loss. As an example, the titles of this album include "Piazza del popolo", " Una faccia pulita" (A clean face), "La prima volta " (The first time), and " Io ti prendo come mia sposa" (I will take you as my bride). I heard these tunes for the first time from a juke box in Rome. Each of the songs in this romantic collection has its own personality, but they form a cohesive atmosphere of pure romance. The music will make you start to sing in Italian...even if you don't speak a word of it! Listen to his tunes on his Official Website.

Emozioni, Lucio Battisti
Are you in love? sad? passionate? angry? Even before Lucio Battisti, Italians have been singing about their emotions; Battisti's songs are the best example of this. Since the 70's young Italians have sung about love with Battisti's songs. He is the first choice at parties on warm beaches of Portofino or hiding from the cold at Madonna di Campiglio. If you've just ended a relationship, and want to express Romeo and Juliette-esque feelings or you'd like to dream about life in Italy, Battisti is your choice. Although Battisti died last year, he is alive and well in Italian souls.(by [email protected]) For more information and song samples, go vist his fan web site

Albachiara, Vasco Rossi
"Albachiara" (1998) is a remake of Vasco Rossi's most successful CD "Non siamo mica gli americani"(1979). Vasco wrote all the songs on this album with the exception of "(Per quello che ho da fare) Faccio il militare" , which was written in collaboration with Silvestri Albachiara, the album's namesake, is still sung by Italian teenagers, especially female teenagers, today; because it represents their characher-- confused and rebellious growing into womanhood. Vasco is well known for his unmatchable voice... The gritty voice of an experienced man, through his accent (typical from Emilia) and for his ironic, yet serious delivery. (by [email protected]) Listen to the song now, or visit, or the Official Vasco Rossi Web Site (there is a trick to get into the web site).


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