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italian & italy-related websites

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A.A.T.I. - American Association of Teachers of Italian, Long Island Chapter
34 Forest Drive
Plainview, NY 11803
[email protected]
The American Association of Teachers of Italian Was founded in 1924 to promote the study of Italian language, literature, and culture in schools, colleges and universities in North America. It has approximately 1500 members worldwide. The Association publishes the quarterly journal, Italica, and a twice-yearly Newsletter. It sponsors seminars and workshops in the broad area of Italian studies and holds annual meetings, usually in conjunction with ACTFL but also in Italy. AATI is dedicated to excellence in teaching and research in all areas of Italian studies.

American-Italian Heritage Association
PO Box 3136
Albany, NY 12203-3136
(518) 435-0591 Tel
[email protected]
The AIHA was established in 1979 by Professor/Cavalliere Philip J. DiNovo in Morrisville, New York. AIHA is a non-profit organization with over 1,575 members in 47 states and in Italy. The AIHA operated the Italian Cultural Center & Museum located in Utica, New York (Utica's "Little Italy" - east side of the city) for the past nineteen years. It was closed late in 1998 so that plans for the new national museum in Albany, NY could begin. Currently, there are plans underway for the building of a National Italian-American Museum & Cultural Center in Albany, New York. Professor DiNovo is overseeing this project which is scheduled to be open within the next few years. The Center and Museum stands in memory of the Italian immigrants who came to the United States

Arba Sicula
Modern Foreign Languages Dpt - St. John's University
8000 Utopia Parkway
Jamaica, NY 11439
Arba Sicula is a non-profit international organization that promotes the language and culture of Sicily. Arba Sicula publishes a 20-page biannual newsletter that highlights the activities of the organization. It is written primarily in English with one or two pages devoted to Sicilian.

CIAW - Collective of Italian-American Women
c/o Suzanne Iasenza
26 West 90th Street, S.te 1
New York, NY 10024
(212) 772-9108 Fax
[email protected]
The Collective of Italian-American women promotes creative, intellectual, cultural and community projects undertaken by and about Italian American women, particularly collaborative projects. CIAW also seeks to establish alliances with other cultural organizations in the United States, Italy, and around the world. We are Italian-American women engaged in establishing a dialogue within and outside of Italian-American communities. Our bimonthly organizational meetings are action-oriented and structured to ensure the development and delivery of stimulating and timely cultural events which we feel will promote and foster social and personal transformation.

Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marim�
24 West 12th Street
New Hyde Park, NY 11040
(516) 488-4062 Tel
[email protected]
One of the principal aims is to enroll in its membership all persons of Italian birth or descent, regardless of religious faith or political affiliation and to keep alive the traditions of our ancestors. The influence of the order is reflected in its strong family ties and warm regard and involvement with the community. The OSIA motto is "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity." Cellini Lodge has within its ranks: two senior citizen groups, two youth groups, a bowling league, and a culture and heritage committee. General meetings are held on the first Monday of the month.

Cellini Lodge #2206 - Order of Sons of Italy in America
611 Jericho Turnpike
New York, NY 10021
(212) 998-8730 Tel
(212) 995-4012 Fax
[email protected]
Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marim� is a center for the dissemination of Italian culture in the New York area and the home of Italian studies at New York University. Their mission is to present the best that Italy has to offer in varying fields of endeavor is grounded in the conviction that Italian culture does not belong to Italians alone but is an important part of world culture. To this end, the Casa conducts a regular program of events during the academic year, bringing well-known Italian scholars, political figures, journalists, scientists, artists, and musicians into contact with their American counterparts and others interested in Italian life and issues.

Center for Italian Studies
Fifth floor of the F. Melville Library
SUNY at Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3358
(631) 632-7444 Tel
[email protected]
The Center has three specific purposes: first, to stimulate interdisciplinary research on the part of the local academic community on issues that bring about a better understanding of Italy and Italian Americans; second, to become a national and international focus for Italian and Italian American affairs; third, to promote a better understanding of Italy and of Italian Americans by bringing to the general public the latest scholarly findings on Italy and Italian Americans and by organizing cultural activities of general interest. The Center may be expanded, if funds are available, to become also a gathering place for scholars with a variety of interests to meet and discuss new ideas, share on-going work, and provide intellectual stimulation.

Central NY / Utica, NY ITALIANS
Central New Yorkers, Italian, Greek, Catholic, Jewish, Arabic, and Sicilian Americans from the Greater Utica, NY / Central NY area,including, Rome, Syracuse, Frankfort, New Hartford, Whitesboro, Verona, Deerfield, Little Falls, Mohawk, Herkimer, Marcy, Albany, Oneida County, New York State, enjoy all things of New York State, Sons Of Italy, food, politics, culture, festivals, Stores, life, Local Products and issues, LOTS OF UTICA LINKS and PICS, etc... EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN !!!

Circolo Italiano D'America
PO Box 1393
Huntington, NY 11743
[email protected]
The Circolo Italiano D'America has the purpose to compliment the success and brilliance of the Italian forebears,with a future of equal revolution, be it intellectual, artistic or social. Their goal is to make academic scholarships available to the next brigade of Marconis, Coppolas or Fermis.

Coalition of Italo-American Associations
555 Madison Avenue, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10022
(212) 755-1492 Tel
(212) 755 3762 Fax
[email protected]
Originally founded as a vehicle to keep Italian-Americans informed about local and national developments affecting their social and economic welfare, the Coalition of Italo-American Associations has since emerged as an important force, impacting on virtually every imaginable area of civic and social endeavor. The Coalition, a non-profit, non-partisan, and non-sectarian group, has become an advocate not only for Italian-American interests but numerous other areas as well, especially in working toward putting an end to the violence caused by racial, ethnic, and religious intolerance. Such involvement finds its roots in the three basic tenets on which the Coalition was established: unity, education, and advancing the various interests of our community.

Columbia University Department of Italian
502 Hamilton Hall, mail code 2827
1130 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10027
(212) 854-2308 Tel
(212) 854-5306 Fax
[email protected]

DSNY Columbia Association
The New York City Department of Sanitation Columbia Association's Official Web Site. A fraternal association for Italian-Americans working for DSNY.

FIERI National,Inc.
25 West 43rd Street, Suite 1000
New York, NY 10036
(212) 642-2095 Tel
FIERI is an organization of Italian American adults between theages of 18 and 39. Its members are dedicated to four major objectives: topreserve the Italian culture and encourage the study of Italian and ItalianAmerican history, to foster the values of higher education and personalachievement in young Italian Americans, to facilitate career opportunities andnetworking relationships for young professionals and to promote a positive imageof Italian Americans in the mass media and popular culture.

Italian Historical Society of America
111 Columbia Heights
Brooklyn, New York 11201
(718) 852-2929
[email protected]
The focus of the Society has been traditionally on commemorative ceremonies which bring the accomplishments of great Italians and Italian-Americans to public awareness. The Society shall continue to maintain and expand these functions. Additionally, the Society shall now begin to direct its energies and resources toward reaching a much wider audience through the use of video, computer technologies as well as the evolving electronic media. It will be particularly focused in developing educational materials to be made available to schools which will bring an awareness of the significant contributions that the Italian culture has brought to our way of life.

John D. Calandra Italian American Institute
25 West 43rd Street, Suite 1000
New York, NY 10036
(212) 642-2095 Tel
[email protected]
The overall purpose of the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute is basic to the central mission of The City University of New York (CUNY). Italian-Americans represent the largest European ancestral group in New York State, New York City and at CUNY. Thus, the primary purpose of the Institute is to foster higher education among Italian-Americans.

Little Italy Neighbors Association (LINA)
[email protected]
LINA is made up of local residents who want to ensure that the community has a voice in neighborhood developments. Anyone living in the roughly thirty-block area located between Houston Street, Canal Street, Lafayette Street and the Bowery is welcome to join us.

Loggia Glen Cove No. 1016 Order Sons Ita
Loggia Glen Cove No. 1016 is an OSIA lodge located in Glen Cove, NY. The lodge fosters Italian heritage and cultural, provides educational and Italian language programs and promotes charitable work to aid Italians, Italian-Americans and the community in general. The lodge fights bias and defamation of Italians and promotes liberty regardless of race, gender or creed.

Madonna Dell�Assunta Lodge #2716 - Order of Sons of Italy in America
PO Box 502
Browns Mills, NJ 08015
(609) 893-5080 or (609) 964-1520 Tel
[email protected]
Its objectives, as conceived by its founders, are to enroll all men and women of Italian heritage under one banner in order to preserve and disseminate the rich cultural heritage of Italy; and to promote and advance their progress everywhere within the framework of American society. The OSIA continues to thrive, meeting the initial objectives of its founders through a wide variety of community, cultural, social, charitable, educational, patriotic, youth, and civic activities.

NYPD Columbia Association
PO Box 290735
Brooklyn, NY 11229-0735l
[email protected]
The Columbia Association (1932-2000) is a Not-For-Profit Fraternal Association of Italian-American Police Officers of the New York City Police Department. Their mission is to develop an understanding and appreciation of the contributions made by Italians and Italian-Americans toward the development of the United States, to increase knowledge and understanding of the cultural heritage, to provide a close union for its members, to be part of an ethnic group of professional law enforcement officers who cherish the spirit of brotherhood and remembrance of their roots and to promote, practice and cherish the spirit of brotherhood among peolpe irrespective of race, creed or religion.

National Organization of Italian-American Women
445 West 59th Street, Suite 1248
New York, NJ 10019
(212) 237-8574 Tel
(212) 489-6130 Fax
[email protected]
The National Organization of Italian American Women (NOIAW), founded in 1980, is the only national membership organization for women of Italian ancestry. NOIAW serves to promote ethnic pride through cultural and educational programs and scholarships. The national and international network serves to: highlight the accomplishments, history and culture of women of Italian ancestry, support educational opportunities for women and young people of Italian American origin, establish an international link with women of Italian ancestry throughout the world.

Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations
2 UN Plaza, 24th Floor
New York, NY 10017
(212) 486-9191 Tel
(212) 486-1036 Fax
[email protected]
The Italian contribution to the United Nations.

The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America at Columbia University
Casa Italiana, mail code 1401
1161 Amsterdan Avenue
New York, NY 10027
(212) 854-2306 Tel
(212) 854-8479 Fax
[email protected]
The Academy, founded in 1991, is conceived by Columbia and the Republic of Italy as a "university within a university" that brings together writers, journalists, scientists, artists, poets, economists, and others from around the world for broad-based intellectual exchange on major international issues. With this mission in mind, the newly renovated Casa accomodates a wide variety of public and private functions with renovations and upgrades designed to create a contemporary academic facility and provide a base for visiting scholars.

The Italian-American Police Society of New Jersey
PO Box 352
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
(800) IAPSNJ-1 Tel
[email protected]
Promotes Italian heritage through helping the community as well as all law enforcement officers and their families.

UNICO National, Inc.
72 Burroughs Place
Bloomfield, New Jersey 07003-34962
(973) 748-9144 Tel
(973) 748-9576 Fax
[email protected]
UNICO National is a nationwide service organization similar to Lions, Kiwanis and Rotary. Its membership is exclusively open to American men andwomen of Italian heritage, or persons married to men and women of Italian heritage, of good character and reputation. Members are united in a nationalchain, working jointly on national projects and separately on community activities, to uplift the prestige of our people. It is non-political andnon-sectarian.


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