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venetian tourists... take a hint!
10 suggestions for a pleasant stay

by Laura D.A. Pazzaglia

Venice is drowning... in tourists. In a recent interview with the BBC Armando Peres, Venice's Director of Culture, Tourism & Communication, expressed his concern for the increasingly thoughtless tourists and increasingly irritated residents -- the few that remain.

"During the last few years the situation has really worsened because of the behavior of the people," Mr. Peres told the reporter.

A local restaurateur shares that according to him, tourists are "... perfect. But there are of course, as everywhere in the world, a few people who don't respect the city, they dress like they're going to the beach, they leave litter and they wash their feet in the water."

Venetian tourism officials don't want to stem the tide of tourists but, instead, educate them on modesty, politeness, common sense and to the fact that there is more to Venice than St. Marks's Square. Enter their new sign and brochure campaign "10 suggestions for a pleasant stay."

Peres explains, "Because they leave a lot of paper and glass everywhere, and they do not behave properly, so there was a need to remind them how to behave and to give them some good advice."

Here are their ten suggestions and a few tips of our own to keep you on the straight and narrow while visiting La Serenissima. One of their tips actually contains four suggestions but can you blame them for not publishing 13?

  1. Get a map of the city and remember that Venice is much more than just St. Mark's Square.

  2. Show respect for the city by helping us keep it clean: never throw litter on the ground or into the canals. This is good advice

  3. Always wear appropriate clothing. Keep right when walking in the city street. Never stop on bridges. Take off your backpack when on the city boats.

  4. Remember that St. Mark's Square and the surrounding area is an open-air museum (people who picnic in the square and leave litter behind will be subject to fines).

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  5. Get a Venice Card and use it. The Card offers many advantages and can help us to make you feel welcome in Venice.

  6. Only use authorized services and transportation. Always ask what the fare will be before boarding.

  7. Beware of unauthorized peddlers and watch out for pick-pockets.

  8. Venice is subject to frequent flooding. A warning siren announces exceptionally high tides. You can still visit many areas of the city by using the wooden walkways.

  9. The city also has disabled access routes. For more details contact the APT or Informahandicap.

  10. To exercise your rights or lodge a complaint, contact the APT Complaint Office or the Counter of Tourist Mediation.


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