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books about liguria

A Complete Guide to Liguria, including Portofino, Cinque Terre, Portovenere, Genoa and Sanremo

Portofino : A Novel

Recipes from Paradise : Life and Food on the Italian Riviera

Enchanted Liguria : A Celebration of the Culture, Lifestyle and Food of the Italian Riviera

Catherine of Genoa : Purgation and Purgatory, the Spiritual Dialogue

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Liguria's lack of agricultural resources is no obstacle to either its growth or its profound beauty. From the pastel-colored houses of Portofino to the urban buzz of Genoa, Liguria offers something for every traveler. Bordering France to the west, Piedmonte to the north, and Tuscany to the east, this narrow coastal strip of a region is a popular retirement location for pensioners from Milan and Turin, who, like the many tourists, enjoy the mild climate and clean air. Liguria is the birthplace of many famous Italian history makers, including Christopher Columbus, Andrea Doria, Giuseppe Garibaldi, and Guglielmo Marconi.

get lost... in genoa!
Susan tucked away the city's map and discovered that surrendering to Genoa, letting Genoa reveal herself on her own terms, was the way to find the essence of this city of grand and humble treasures.

nun's the word
Europeans have long known a secret that Americans are just learning - that staying in convents and monasteries is much less expensive than even moderately priced hotels. So get the to the nunnery!

liguria reveals its olives' secrets
We've all heard about the benefits of olive oil and how Mediterranean cultures may be healthier because of their consumption of it. Western Liguria is home to one of the finest varieties of olive, the taggiasca.

put... puttering around
A husband and wife team throw itineraries to the wind and take your common mode of Italian transportation, a bus, to discover new and beautiful places.

cook like a ligurian
For centuries Ligurian sailors sailed the seas as part of the spice trade, bringing to Europe the exotic products of the Far East and Africa. When they returned from their voyages, the sailors had had their fill of fish and spicy food. What they wanted instead was fare that spoke of their homeland, made from vegetables fresh from the gardens and farms that cling to the Ligurian hillsides. Cook an authentic Ligurian meal.

what do you know about liguria?
Match your wits with out travel editor and find out how much you really know about Friuli-Venezia Giulia!

publish your  ligurian adventure
Have you been to Liguria? Help us represent the true culture and personal perspective of this region by emailing us your story at [email protected]. Or if you just have a brief note to share, post it on our traveling to Italy forum.

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La Spezia
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