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friuli-venezia giulia
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books about friuli

On the Road Around Northern Italy

Castles of Friuli

A Ghost in Trieste

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If traveling off the beaten path is a preference of yours, Friuli-Venezia Giulia is perfect for you. Enjoy a true dearth of crowds as you sample this versatile region: seaports, rocky coastlines, palatial villas, Roman ruins, even sandy beaches. In this most eastern region of Italy, many small towns still exhibit remnants of the Austrian and Slavic cultures that once ruled them.

no, really we'd just like change
Intrepid travelers Sid and Kristanne Heaton can't get anybody to make change for them in Trieste. Find out how these extreme telecommuters make do in Friuli.

road trip!
Follow a curious traveler for selected highlights of the region as you zigzag by car in Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

peek in the friulian pot
Cooking in Friuli reflects the earth and its products. The mountain area limits what can be grown, and it depends on weather and seasons. The forest, however, is generous with herbs and mushrooms, fruit and game. Cook an authentic Friulian meal.

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Match your wits with out travel editor and find out how much you really know about Friuli-Venezia Giulia!

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Trieste Mia

history & culture
Calendar of Events in Friuli
Castles of Friuli
Giuseppe Verdi Theater
Friulian Dialect
Int'l Folk Festival
Il coro 'Vos de mont'*

Grotta Gigante
Natural Parks of Friuli
Port of Molfancone
Strolling around Trieste
Eurobiking in Carso

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University of Udine Seismology Research
University of Trieste
Osservatorio Astronomico*
Liceo Classioc J.Stellini*
UWC of the Adriatic


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