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abruzzi - abruzzo
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books about abruzzo
The Abruzzo Trilogy : Bread and Wine, Fontamara, and the Seed Beneath the Snow

The Duke of the Abruzzi : An Explorer's Life

Food and Memories of Abruzzo


Along the southeastern coast, just above the "ankle" of Italy�s boot, lies the Abruzzo region. One of the more sparsely populated parts of the country, Abruzzo is home to charmingly primitive, medieval hill towns that seem to cling to the side of the mountains. In fact, the Apennine mountain range is often referred to as Italy�s last wilderness, covering Abruzzo with acres of forests. The capital, L�Aquila, sits at the foot of the Gran Sasso, the highest point of the Italian mainland and a great ski destination. Abruzzo National Park is a refuge for hundreds of animal species. One of the greatest poets of classical Rome, Ovid, is a celebrated Abruzzese.

migration from abruzzo
Can an Abruzzese find peace in New Jersey? Learn how a recent arrival copes with the cultural differences between Abruzzo and the so-called Garden State.

the abruzzese kitchen
Lavish, hearty and robust, even zesty at times, the cuisine of the Abruzzi is also inventive and daring. The Abruzzesi relish a little hot seasoning on occasion and even chili peppers sometimes find their way into the list of ingredients. Learn about Abruzzese Cuisine and celebrate the heritage of Abruzzo with an authentic Abruzzese meal.

your  abruzzese experience
Tell us about your Abruzzese vacation, origin, memories or read what others had to say in the travelling to italy forum.

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arts & crafts
National Museum of Abruzzo


travel & tourisim
Abruzzo National Parks
Abruzzo 2000
Abruzzo Interactive

Abruzzo in pre-Roman times
Ortucchio and Abruzzi

Monastaries and Convents in Abruzzo
Jubilee in Abruzzo

Agency of Employment
Regional Laws


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