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your italian cultural iq

Listed below are ten questions concerning Italian and Italian-American culture, taken from the best selling bilingual compendium, Heritage Italian-American Style. The books' 1776 fact-filled questions cover topics from the following categories: food, music, entertainment, art, science, literature, history, geography, business, and Roman civilization. With an index of over 2,700 entries, this book covers the numerous contributions made by the Italian culture to western civilization, in an entertaining bilingual question and answer format.

Now test your cultural IQ against other readers.

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Heritage Italian-American Style Bilingual (2nd Edition)

Heritage Italian-American Style

"Throughout history, Italians and Italian-Americans have made many outstanding contributions. Mr. Radomile, in his book Heritage Italian-American Style, shares 1,492 of these with us. The book is structured so that all of the factoids are presented in a question-answer format, which allows the reader to use the book in a variety of ways and occasions. Many of the factoids included are fascinating. Although the publication is a first attempt at a printing, there are so many fascinating pieces of information here that you will find yourself drawn to this book time and again. This book is a fundamental building block for anyone wanting to know more about Italian life and is not to be judged by it's cover."

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1. Wild suckling pig, skewered and roasted beside an open fire of juniper mastic and olive wood, (whose aromatic properties impart a unique flavor to the meat), is a specialty of the shepherds of what Italian region?

2. Based on a true story of an Italian-American police officer, Al Pacino played a narcotics officer in a story that revealed police corruption in New York City. What was the name of the powerful 1973 movie that earned Al Pacino an Oscar nomination?
Dog Day Afternoon

3. Hailed at the time as the greatest writer since the Renaissance, this Italian author is remembered for his masterpiece,I Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed), written in 1827. The importance of this modern-style novel was that it defined the Italian language as we know it today, and helped to form a unified Italy. Such was his stature in Italian society that, at his death in 1873, Giuseppe Verdi wrote his brilliant Requiem in this author�s honor. The author of that novel is...
Italo Fellino
Enrico Scatena
Alessandro Manzoni

4. She is one of the most famous and important fashion designers in the world today. Her collections are characterized by the use of distinctive colors and innovative materials. Identify this stylistic genius who, with her husband, built their company into one of the world�s leading fashion groups.
Elsa Schiaparelli
Carla Fendi
Miuccia Prada

5. The characters of this work by Puccini are said to be fairly accurate portraits of artists and others of the Latin Quarter in Paris who were friends of Henri Muger during his youthful days as a struggling writer. Identify this popular Puccini opera.
La Boh�me
Manon Lescaut

6. When the Second Triumvirate was dissolved after the battle of Actium, Augustus Caesar gradually assumed the titles of all the major offices. His reign is sometimes called the principate, from princeps, the title he favored. Translate the meaning of princeps.
First counsel
First citizen
Principal leader
7. The most famous mathematical equation on earth, E = MC2, was actually formulated and published by an Italian from Vicenza two years before Albert Einstein�s major paper in 1905. This Italian did not discover the theory of relativity, but there is no doubt that he was the first to use the equation while speculating about ether in the life of the universe. Identify this forgotten Italian.
Olinto De Pretto
Umberto Bartocci
Michele Besso
8. Giulio Romano, one of the founders of Mannerism, and an eminent painter and architect in his own right, was the principal heir to one of the greatest artists of Italy. It is clear that he finished a number of works left incomplete at this master�s death. Name this artist.
Raphael (Raffaello)
Titian (Tiziano)
9. This Italian sprinter held the 200 meter world�s record for 17 years (19.72) until Michael Johnson of the US broke his record best time (19.66) in 1996. He won the gold medal in that event at the 1980 Moscow Olympics and ran for a record fifth time at the Seoul Olympics in 1988. Identify this great Italian track star who began his career in 1968.
Pietro Mennea
Paolo Rossi
Giuseppe Zito
10. In 1837, John Phinizy (Finizzi) was the first known Italian American to be elected as mayor of a major US city. The city was:
New Orleans, LA
Augusta, GA
Newark, NJ


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