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The brainchild of 25 year old Italian American Laura Pazzaglia, the web site is an antipasto of Italian culture, contacts and culinary delights.  "We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy Italian culture regardless of gender or ethnic origin."   So, while the online community is a useful resource for Italian Americans to meet others of similar backgrounds and interests, it is also a place to celebrate all things Italian. 

Anyone with interest in Italian culture can now visit a comprehensive Internet resource to learn more about their Italian heritage or just mix and mingle!, an online effort to organize, invigorate and bring together the Italian American community, is making networking both easy and efficient.

In addition to a section for genealogy, free email, the latest news, and access to Italian radio stations on the net, here is what else you'll findů


The book section features reviews of Italian themed best sellers and of useful guides. It covers many genres for all tastes (including art, culture, food, wine, history, Italian heritage, travel and leisure).

You'll find "O Sole Mio!" as well as more recent titles in's music section.  Genres include classical, pop, rock and opera.

Fellini's Roma, Benigni's comedies, Italian American autobiographies and tours of Italy await you in the video section, where we review newly released and classic Italian videos.

Our resource directory lists local Italian and Italian American owned  businesses, schools, and clubs.  You'll also find an extensive calendar of local events that includes museum exhibits, films, club meetings and much more. will  become your invaluable guide to local Italian restaurants our Italian reviewers will not mince words about their experience! As you know, we Italians get pretty picky when it comes to food!

How can you have an Italian web site without talking about food? Alice, our food editor, has already gained popularity among the English speaking buone forchette (food connoisseurs).  Many Italian Americans re-connect to their heritage by enlisting Alice in their hunt for that "recipe nonna used to make" or in recreating something they tasted while vacationing in Italy. She also highlights regional differences in cuisines by re-creating a full-course meal for each region of Italy!


Is one of your dreams to spend a couple of weeks on the Tuscan coast enjoying a glass of the best Chianti accompanied by a risotto ai frutti di mare at sunset?  Too expensive? Let take you on a virtual voyage through the culture, traditions, and beauties of each region in Italy. We prepare the traveler with a collection of informative hints and stories for each region. Jill, our travel editor, not only pulls this section together each month but also includes an entertaining interview with a person who has lived in each region.  Any travel agency can recommend a place to see - we prefer to tell you about the culture and traditions.


...and it shows. The forums are the ideal place to exchange comments and to network with others with common interests. People from all over the U.S. and Italy participate, debate and meet. Italians like to keep in touch  - now, talking with our hands includes typing!