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italian & italy-related websites

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Candida Martinelli's Italophile Site
This is a free illustrated e-book of The Adventures of Pinocchio in PDF format.The pages are landscape with enlarged text for ease of reading and paging. No need to scroll. Over 250 images complement the text.

Free Gondola Ride
Free Gondola Ride is a nonfiction book about the author's encounters with the gondoliers of Venice. This site ofers a sample chapter, photos, and ordering information as well as a number of gondola and Venice-related links.

Italian Literature
Poesia, Narrativa, Teatro, Filosofia, Testi Religiosi...

Italian Pride
A site organized around a book called Italian Pride: 101 Reasons to be Proud You're Italian

Old Italian Neighborhood Values
Stephen L. DeFelice, American physician and medical author, has just released his first novel called "Old Italian Neighborhood Values."The book offers a compelling examination of modern values through the eyes of a group of guys reared during the 50s in an Old Italian Neighboorhood. . .and a �madam.�It covers topics like raising kids, sex, family and our modern times from the Italian perspective like no book you�ve read before!You can even read sample pages and order the book at

REM Edizioni letterarie e multimediali
Casa editrice della Calabria, che pubblica libri di narrativa e indice un concorso letterario per narrativa inedita (Le Agavi) al quale partecipano numerosi italiani residenti all'estero

The Italian American Press
The Internet's Finest Selection of Self-Published Books by Italian Americans and Other Italian AuthorsThe Italian-American Press promotes Italian Americans and other self-published authors who all too often are overlooked or ignored by reviewers, the media, and the public. Presently, we have a wide and excellent selection of books to which we have recently added the writings of two Italian Canadians and an Italian Australian author. This service is provided at no expense to the writers. Our Website also has many useful links to resources and information helpful to Italian American writers such as publishers, printers, translator, currency converter, etc. Additionally, viewers can take advantage of the free reading and/or downloading of a select number of inspiring and instructive ebooks. Viewers are invited to visit and browse through our fine collection of books at

bookshop Alinari
The book catalogue of Fratelli Alinari

honi soit qui mal y pense
a weird title for a weird erotic novel which does not tell about the Knights of the Garter, but about a real story which happened in misterious Florence, town of arts and joy, and town of flowers though. in italian. - books
Books from Italian authors, about Italy or related to Italian culture.


how we select sites
We select websites based on their content and interest to our readers. The primary factor will be its relation to Italy and Italian issues.

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