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can't miss genealogy websites
deborina's favorite internet haunts

by Deborah K. Millemaci
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Many of us do genealogy research via the internet, and often we bookmark or save websites that we can refer too periodically. I would like to share with you some of my favorite Italian and non-Italian websites in the hope you will find them as valuable as I do. There are so many excellent websites that are out there, unfortunately it is impossible to list all of them. Just remember they all have one thing in common and that is to provide the latest information to assist family historians.


  • - genealogy - Need I say more...?? I�m just a �little partial� to this website. I wonder why (smile).

  • - An in depth collection of resources for researching Italian Genealogy!

  • Italian Ancestry Family Trees Genealogies - This website not only has family ancestry information but information on Italian names, message and surname boards, as well as art, history, and genealogy tools.

  • Italian Genealogy - Find Your Italian ancestry

  • PIE (Pursuing Italians Electronically - Email) - This mailing list is the same as the Comunes_of_Italy. Both will give you lots of information and possible �family connections.�

    If you are trying to obtain the address and telephone number of a relative you can visit Click on the World Directories section where you can click onto the Italy link. (Note: you may obtain better search results by typing in just an initial with the last name. However, the postal codes are missing from these listings - you can find them at


  • - Has a great article on the �Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid in Genealogy Research�.

    Also on the same website is an excellent article on �Safe Genealogy - Protecting Yourself from Genealogy Fraud, Hoaxes, and Scams".

  • - This website has a LOT of information available - for a price. But you might just want to check out their various subscription packages. You may find it well worth the investment. I am currently enrolled in a couple of their plans, and I must admit I have been to obtain some information I couldn�t obtain elsewhere. Just be thorough and make sure you know what you are paying for.

  • Cyndi�s List - I have mentioned Cyndi�s list in previous articles. She has one of the most comprehensive genealogy websites on the internet. Be prepared to spend some time on this website!

  • FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service

  • - has a montage of information which includes a Learning Center with great articles on topics relating to genealogy. It�s been several months since I visited this site, but this evening I noticed it also offers online subscriptions much like (Just thought you would want to know)

  • - This website is comprised of surname lists, mailing lists, message boards, family tree information, search engines and the like for the U .S. and worldwide. Many of the lists generate a large volume of email messages, but subscribing in digest format will give you many messages at one time.
I will add to this list in a future issue, but it is my hope that you will benefit from the vast knowledge contained in these webpages.

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©Deborah K. Millemaci - November 2003
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