Question about Italian man sleeping at Mother's house????

weddings, religion, ect.

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by libera on 8:08 pm, Aug 19 2007

There are surely exagerations and strange behaviour but in this case it could only mean one thing: he has a lazy wife.

I am not a lazy wife and my husband does the laundry in our house. I cook dinner, pack our lunch for the next day at work, he cleans the table after dinner and starts the dishwasher, we both clean the house on the week end, I iron and he does laundry. Neither of us i lazy and he doesn't certainly sends the laundry to his mother's to be done.

It's called SHARING, and taking care of each other, that's what marriage SHOULD be about. I think.
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Re: Question about Italian man sleeping at Mother's house????

by peter on 9:41 pm, Aug 10 2008

To state things succinctly..Italian men are like Christ they stay single, love their mother and she worships him. =Peter=
There are excellent websites to post inquiries concerning your family genalogy staffed by individual volunteers who do not charge anything but offer their knowledge to preserve family ties.
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