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tiffanie pang
san francisco & language forum moderator

I was first introduced to Italy during a road-trip vacation with a close friend, and fell in love with everything I saw, ate and experienced� I immediately started planning my next trip upon my return.

Little did I know that I would meet my future husband during that vacation! Before the year�s end, I found myself packing up my life into temporary storage, and living with him in Italy. Learning the language there was my first and foremost survival tool, and I have developed a great love for it. Overall, it was a true eye-opener and one of the best life experiences I have had to date.

Currently, we reside in San Francisco, where I work as an interior designer, and my husband is a full-time student at CCSF. We travel back to Italy frequently, staying in touch with the many friends and family members we have there, and are always happy to make the acquaintance of others who share a connection to or a passion for il bel paese.

[email protected]


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